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10 Mistakes Producers Commonly Make in Clearing their Chain of Title

As a producer, your leverage to negotiate a good deal may depend on your owning an interest in desirable “IP” or other rights on a project. When it comes time to develop, produce and distribute such a project, the producer will need to marshal ownership of 100% of all the rights needed to produce and distribute the Project worldwide, often referred to as the “chain of title” of the project. They will need “clean” or “intact” chain of title.  What  does this mean and what are 10 mistakes producers commonly make in clearing their Chain of Title?  Pryor Cashman LLP’s partner, Karen Robson, will discuss and help producers avoid these mistakes in the future.

Karen Robson, Partner, Pryor Cashman LLP

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Nov 04 2021


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm




  • Karen M. Robson
    Karen M. Robson
    Partner, Pryor Cashman LLP

    Karen Robson is a veteran entertainment lawyer who co-leads the Los Angeles office of Pryor Cashman LLP. Originally an actress and a lawyer in her native Australia, Robson started her Pryor Cashman career in New York City, where she practiced for many years before opening Pryor Cashman’s LA office. She has a unique ability to understand stakeholders on every side of the table. Robson regularly represents a variety of financiers, equity investors, independent producers, production companies, and individual writers, directors, and producers. Her practice has a particular focus on motion picture, television, and new media areas. Robson is an expert in indie film, TV finance production, and distribution (both US and international). Her work has expanded into many areas, including international co-production of film and TV, reality TV, digital media, and children’s programming and the financing production and monetization of these productions. She has significant experience with panel presentations and has shared her insights before festival markets and seminars in the Middle East, Spain, Singapore, Australia, and the US (focusing on domestic and emerging markets such as India and South America).