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An Interactive Study: How to Cast the Right Actors for Your Film by Using AI

Artificial intelligence is appearing as an important assistance mechanism in many parts of the development of a movie. Experts and producers discuss how AI can be an important player for the casting process. Several case studies will be used with the participation of the panel audience.

Ana Maria Montero, Moderator, AMM communications

Sami Arpa, CEO, Largo.AI
Sean Cisterna, Director/Producer, Mythic Productions
Daryn Simons, President, Cohesive Entertainment Group

presented by Largo.AI


Nov 04 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am




  • Ana Maria Montero
    Ana Maria Montero
    Moderator, AMM Communications

    Ana Maria Montero is an international broadcast journalist with 20 years of on camera experience who grew up professionally with the CNN family — from intern to anchor desk — working for CNN International, CNN Español, CNN, and HLN, in English and Spanish.

    In 2017, she joined the CNN Money Switzerland team as an anchor for their flagship show, The Swiss Pulse, and the host of the shows, The Newsmaker as well as All Inclusive focused on SDG topics.

    The pursuit of her own story brought this Cuban, Spanish, American to Zurich, where she lives with her family, and obsesses about making the world a better place for her girls.

  • Daryn Simons
    Daryn Simons
    President, Cohesive Entertainment Group

    Daryn is a Producer, Talent Manager, Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur and past President of the TMA – Talent Managers Association. Daryn won The Heller Award for Talent Manager of the Year in 2015 and produced The Heller Awards with Sharon Stone, Joan Rivers, Betty White and William Shatner.

    Prior to working in Management, she worked in Development and production at various studios: Paramount Studios, Sony and Fox. She is also a member of the PGA, The Television Academy, Children In Film, Film Independent, Women In Film and HRTS.

    Daryn recently produced NELSON BIXBY TAKES ON THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD for Disney , LOCATING SILVER LAKE with Finn Wittrock, Josh Peck and Zelda Williams and THE DEBT COLLECTOR, with Tony Todd, Louis Mandylor and Scott Adkins for Sony/Netflix. Daryn has also had the opportunity to cast features and a digital project as of late: Najera In America Podcast.

    CEG is currently developing a major slate of film, television and digital projects and is actively involved with Easter Seals Disabilities Film Challenge, with promoting inclusion always at the forefront of Cohesives business strategy.

  • Sami Arpa
    Sami Arpa
    CEO, Largo.Ai

    Sami is the Founder and CEO of Largo – a Switzerland based company that provides data-assisted intelligence to the audio-visual industry. Sami has a background in computer science and film industry. He earned his Ph.D. in computer vision from the prestigious Swiss university EPFL. He has directed two short films – “Les bruits des pas”, 2014 and “L’evasion”, 2015. He is also the founder and president of Ouch Film Awards, which takes place in Lausanne.

  • Sean Cisterna
    Sean Cisterna
    Director/Producer, Mythic Productions

    Sean Cisterna is a multi award-winning director whose most recent film is From the Vine (2020), an international coproduction starring Emmy winner Joe Pantoliano, and distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films. Cisterna directed the acclaimed cancer drama Kiss and Cry (2017), which topped the Canadian box office, and is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide. His 2015 feature Full Out, starring Jennifer Beals, is based on the true story of gymnast Ariana Berlin. The film was broadcast on over 195 NBC affiliates leading into the Summer Olympics, and now resides with Netflix Worldwide and Disney Europe. Cisterna is in post production on two features – one narrative and one documentary – set for release in 2022.