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Brazil’s Return to the Big Scene: Film Incentives for Local and Foreign Productions, Perspectives on the Brazilian Film Industry and Regulatory Frameworks

Join us for an insightful panel session as we discuss the exciting developments in Brazil’s film and television sector following the election of President Lula da Silva. With investments exceeding 1 billion dollars by the Brazilian Federal government this year, the scenario is filled with opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Overview of Investments: Explore the expressive influx of funds from the Brazilian Federal government, exceeding 1 billion dollars, and understand how these investments are shaping the future of the country’s film and TV sector.

International Collaboration Opportunities: Discover the myriad international co-production agreements in place, fostering collaboration between Brazil and powerhouse countries. Learn how US independent producers can leverage these agreements to enter into lucrative deals with Brazilian counterparts.

Financing Strategies in Brazil: Uncover the various financing avenues available for film and TV productions in Brazil, including public funds designed to support audiovisual projects nationwide. Gain insights into tax incentives tailored for audiovisual production, and understand how these mechanisms contribute to a thriving industry.

Foreign Filmmaker Incentives: Dig into the specific production incentives designed to attract foreign filmmakers, with a focus on key cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Explore plans for nationwide implementation, signaling Brazil’s commitment to creating an inviting environment for international content creators.

International Co-Production Agreements: Take a closer look at Brazil’s extensive network of international co-production agreements, providing additional benefits for production houses. From Germany to India, these collaborations showcase Brazil’s dedication to fostering a globalized film and TV production landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of Brazil’s dynamic film and TV sector and explore the avenues for successful collaboration and growth. Join us for an engaging panel discussion that promises to be both informative and inspiring.


Fabio Cesnik, Vice President, Brazil California Chamber of Commerce

Daniel Celli, Rio Film Commission
Joelma Gonzaga, Secretary of Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil
Leonardo Edde, Firjan
Luiz Toledo, Director of Investments and Strategic Partnerships, SPCine
Marcelo Calero, Rio de Janeiro Culture Secretary
Marcio Tavares, Deputy Minister of Culture of Brazil


Nov 01 2023


10:00 am - 11:30 am




  • Luiz Toledo
    Luiz Toledo
    Director of Investments and Strategic Partnerships, SPCine

    Luiz Toledo has a solid background in the world of audiovisual innovation with extensive experience in cultivating industry connections across Latin America and Africa. As Director of Investments and Strategic Partnerships at Spcine he has driven pioneering initiatives such as the renowned Audiovisual Observatory and the first policy to attract international filming in Brazil.

  • Marcio Tavares
    Marcio Tavares
    Deputy Minister of Culture of Brazil

    Historian, art curator, and cultural manager, his academic and professional trajectory is focused on researching art in Latin America, the materialization of memory, the audiovisual, museology, and cultural policies. He was the National Secretary of Culture of the Workers’ Party and Culture Coordinator of Lula’s 2022 presidential campaign.

  • Joelma Gonzaga
    Joelma Gonzaga
    Secretary of Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil

    She studied arts, focusing on cinema and audiovisual, and has built a solid career as an executive and creative producer, with award-winning films shown at Cannes, Locarno, and Rio Festivals. She has worked as an executive manager in audiovisual projects at various companies, leading teams from the initial stage to the completion of productions.

  • Leonardo Edde
    Leonardo Edde

    Founding partner of Urca Filmes, with more than 25 years of experience as a producer and director, Leonardo has a vast portfolio in the creation, production, and direction of series and films. He holds relevant roles in the audiovisual industry, being president of the Interstate Audiovisual Industry Union – SICAV, member of the Superior Cinema Council, vice-president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), judge at the International Emmy and representative of Brazil at FIPCA.

  • Daniel Celli
    Daniel Celli
    Rio Film Commission

    Daniel Celli has been in the audiovisual sector for 17 years, having worked for 10 years in international film festivals and in the planning of international co-production events. In recent years he has been committed to public management, creating actions within public policies that stimulate the audiovisual market. These include the creation of the São Paulo Film Commission, a department that acts as a facilitating agent with the mission of attracting and supporting audiovisual productions in the city of São Paulo. It raised São Paulo to the second most filmed city in Latin America.

  • Marcelo Calero
    Marcelo Calero
    Rio de Janeiro Culture Secretary

    Marcelo Calero has a degree in Law and a master’s degree in Political Science. He is a career diplomat and a politician and worked as Minister of Culture in 2016.

  • Fabio Cesnik
    Fabio Cesnik
    Vice President, Brazil California Chamber of Commerce

    Fabio Cesnik holds a BA in Law and Legal Sciences, with licenses both in Brazil and Portugal. He is vice-president of Institutional Relations at the Brazil California Chamber of Commerce (BCCC). A specialist in culture, media and entertainment, he is ex-chairman of IASP’s Media and Entertainment and a member of Sao Paulo BAR’s Rights to the Arts Commission. He is also an author and a member of the California BAR as a Foreign Legal Consultant.