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‘Mo Channels, ‘Mo Problems, but ‘Mo Money?

Viewers want to be one click away from viewing any title, whenever, wherever they want.  US users have an average of four streaming channel subscriptions, and “over 55% of people use an AVOD streaming service”. With new streaming channels popping up each day, how is a distributor supposed to keep up?

TL;DR Be where the viewers are; in this case, be everywhere.

With the decline of MGs and the shift towards non-exclusive revenue share models, distributors are identifying volume as critical to the evolution of their businesses.

The prevailing thought was that delivering to a handful of top channels was enough – pareto distribution a comforting crutch.  Developing capabilities to deliver to these top channels, which captured 80% of the business, whether through internal teams or 3rd party aggregators, justified the cost in the minds of many distributors.  However, with a flat cost curve, a distributor’s cost to deliver to the next channel will not decrease; at some point, adding additional channels…maybe doesn’t add up.  Distributors were happy with their pareto split, capturing 80% of what was out there, the remaining 20% not worth the effort or investment, so the thought went.

As we shift into a new phase of streaming led by AVOD, FAST, and niche channels, we are confronted by an accelerating rate of new channels and a rapidly maturing worldwide viewer base.  There are today thousands of emerging and high-performing channels that are chipping away at the established top channels.   The flight of views from top channels to new and niche channels is driving a significant fragmentation of revenue, breaking the established order.  The landscape is getting bigger, and to capture the previous 80% of revenue, distributors need to deliver to more channels.

Join us as we discuss best practices to increase revenue capture while driving operational excellence to control costs of delivery and operations.


Nov 02 2022


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


  • Alan d'Escragnolle
    Alan d'Escragnolle
    CEO, Filmhub

    Alan d’Escragnolle is the CEO and Co-Founder of Filmhub, a tech-powered film distribution company that services filmmakers, distributors, and sales agents, helping them monetize their films on streaming channels worldwide. A Brazilian-American Wharton graduate, Alan honed his entrepreneurial skills leading teams at Square and Intuit and served on the executive teams of two successfully acquired startups. When he’s not driving Filmhub’s global expansion, he can be found in Lake Tahoe skiing and mountain biking with his dog, Rio.

  • Alia J. Daniels
    Alia J. Daniels
    Co-Founder, COO, Revry

    From a very young age, Alia J. Daniels recognized the power of representation within the media. Quickly identifying how few women looked like her across entertainment, business and politics, Alia became determined to make an impact. She equipped herself with bachelor’s degrees in Music and Communications Studies with a Mass Media emphasis from Albion College, and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School and sought to change the face of media.
    As a business and entertainment attorney, Alia has not only represented clients in the digital entertainment and tech space but is also a strategist and featured speaker on the ever-changing streaming entertainment arena. Since 2015, Alia has been consistently named to the prestigious Southern California Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers for eight years in a row. In 2021, Alia was named to the inaugural Forbes Next 1000 list, honoring the next generation of upstart entrepreneurs.
    Today, Alia has found her niche at the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment and social impact as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Revry, a global queer streaming tv network. As an advocate for inclusion for all underrepresented communities, the cornerstone of Alia’s personal mission is to create avenues for authentic representation in media and business.’

  • Amanda Oleson
    Amanda Oleson

    Amanda worked at Tubi for over 5 years in Content Acquisitions and Partnerships (after coming from Google Play) starting in 2014 through their successful 2020 FOX acquisition. During her time there she ran the Partner Operations (now Content Partnerships), Content Performance, and Curation Departments. She was also the VP of Content Partnerships at Vewd (recently acquired by Xperi in July 2022) and recently received her MBA from UCLA Anderson with specializations in Entertainment and Technology management.

    She currently manages ad-based (AVOD/FAST) streaming app partnerships at Samsung Electronics America on their Media Ecosystem team.

  • Sadhvi Siddhali Shree
    Sadhvi Siddhali Shree

    Sadhvi Siddhali Shree is the first North American Jain monk, a US Army Iraq-war combat veteran, a TEDx speaker, an activist, and an award-winning filmmaker.

    Driven by her deep-seated devotion to humanity, she uses her talents and skills to raise awareness about non-violence, personal and spiritual transformation, and social issues. Since 2008, she has served as the Spiritual Director of Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat, a 250-acre retreat, ashram, monastery, and meditation park based near Dallas, Texas.

    Determined to bring about positive change and to help those who have suffered, she directed and produced two award-winning documentaries Stopping Traffic and Surviving Sex Trafficking. Surviving Sex Trafficking, which was released in early 2022, was picked up by a major streaming company, had a 20 theater nationwide release in partnership with anti-trafficking non-profits, and met the Academy qualification requirements for Oscar consideration. Her current film, For The Animals is represented by FilmHub and their Spotlight program.

    Sadhvi Siddhali Shree and her work have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, TMZ, Newsweek, the Associated Press, Deadline Hollywood, The Daily Beast, Los Angeles Times, and the NY Post.

    Despite being a filmmaker, she considers herself a simple monk trying to do good in the world.

  • Sridhar Sinnasamy
    Sridhar Sinnasamy
    Head of Sales (North America), Amagi

    Sridhar has over 15 years of experience in technology and business development,
    primarily in mobile, video and embedded systems. At Amagi, he is the sales leader for
    North America, with the overall responsibility of sales strategy, customer acquisition,
    client relationships, business expansion and organization development. Earlier, he led
    the global pre-sales function, and took up the role of the sales leader for US (West)
    before assuming his current position.
    Sridhar has a background in software engineering and spent the initial years of his
    career developing technology products for global customers. This proved to be a
    tremendous asset as he transitioned to client-facing roles, where he could simplify
    customer requirements, and provide them technology solutions to solve complex
    business problems. He grew Amagi’s revenues in the US by nearly three times, making
    it the largest region by revenue for the company’s cloud solutions.
    Prior to Amagi, Sridhar worked at Aricent Communications, Alcatel Lucent, Audio Codes
    and Ittiam Systems. He studied BTech in Electronics and Communication from Anna
    University. He is fond of driving and is always curious to explore remote destinations.
    He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 9-year-old daughter.