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Producers Pitching Their Projects, powered by AI Forecasts

Largo presents an innovative pitching session where global producers with “in-development projects” will go face to face with forecasts powered by Largo.ai tools. AI is appearing as a robust assistance tool today for a confident understanding of a film’s potential, audience, and story’s strong and weak points. During the session, the producers will pitch their projects to financiers and distributors by utilizing their AI analysis of the projects over the screenplays. Come and find out which projects can be a hit and vote for the projects that you are interested in.

– This event is open to financiers, distributors, and other producers looking for co-production opportunities 
– Producers will present projects in a 4-minute pitch format, which will be followed by the presentation of AI results for the films
– All projects are in the development or pre-production stages, looking for financing or distribution deals
– A catalog of the pitched projects, together with the AI results, will be provided to the participants after the event

presented by Largo.ai

Presenting Projects


How to Talk with Spirits, Quentin Lee, Margin Films

The After Light, Anthony Young, Hot Pot Productions

Curfew, Rodolfo Pereira, October Films

Disaster Man, Matt Boda, Absurd Hero Productions

Metis Winter Morning, Donald Morin, Eagle Feathers

Bellmount, Acorye White, “Anchored Lens Productions

C19, Alan Gonzalez, Mariachi Films

Falling Up, Kevin Christoffersen, OM 8 Films

Portales, Michael Miller, Portales Movie

Mekhala, Kathryn Shirin Aboya, Soul Heroine Entertainment

Prem Prakaran, Karl R Janisse, Blackout Media

Prey for Mason, Ian Eyre, Eyre Films

The Hermit, Gerry Pass, Chrome Entertainment

The Arnold Chronicles, John Alfone, “Corsair Media Productions

The Nameless, Brittney London / Natalie Brady, BshellE Media

Disconnected, Eric Karkheck, Maria @ Me

Ubiquitous, Pablo Bobadilla, Bobadilla Productions

Salt Water, Blake McWilliam, Black Road Productions

The Harvesters, Gina Yull, Diversified Pictures

Dreams of Starlight, Dan Hertzog, In the Wee hours

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Nov 04 2022


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm