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Pump Up the Volume – Virtual Production for Indie Filmmakers

Learn from cutting-edge industry leaders who are currently employing virtual production on indie features, commercials and TV.  Discover how VP can dramatically increase production value, speed up schedules and lower costs.




Nov 02 2022


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm




  • David Stump
    David Stump
    ASC & Academy Award Winning VFX Supervisor

    David Stump ASC is a working Director of Photography, Visual Effects Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Stereographer, (including both live action work and 2D to 3D conversion work), earning an Emmy Award, an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement, an IMAGO Technical Achievement Award and an International Cinematographers Guild Award. His credits include projects like Little Fires Everywhere, The Morning Show, Skyfire, The Happytime Murders, American Gods, The Unwilling, Immortals, Quantum of Solace, Flight Plan, Fantastic Four, X-Men 1 & 2, Into the Blue, Garfield, Batman Forever, Hollow Man, Men of Honor, Deep Blue Sea, Stuart Little, The Sphere, Contact, Batman &
    Robin, Mars Attacks, Executive Decision, Stargate, and Free Willy, among many, many others.
    He is currently chairman of both the Camera Committee and the Metadata Committee of the
    ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council. Under his guidance, the combined efforts of the Producers Guild of America and the American Society of Cinematographers produced both the ASC / PGA Camera Assessment Series, and the ASC / PGA Image Control Assessment Series, side by side comparisons of virtually all of the high end digital cinema cameras against film.
    His extended credits include work in immersive media including circular and hemispherical environments, virtual cinematography of all kinds, virtual camera design, light field cinematography, multi camera photogrammetry, game engine integration, and immersive military training environment design.
    David authored the book “Digital Cinematography – Fundamentals, Techniques and Workflows”, and is a contributing author to the “VES Handbook”. He is also a RIS committee member setting VP and XR standards with SMPTE and mapping virtual lens coefficients for Unreal Engine, Cooke Optics, Arri, and Zeiss.

  • Peter Hyoguchi
    Peter Hyoguchi
    Director, Roninfilm Virtual Production

    Peter Hyoguchi directed the first Super Bowl spot to utilize Virtual Production. He is a two-time recipient of the Epic MegaGrant for his sci-fi “Gods of Mars” proof-of-concept which created a propitiatory virtual production pipeline with a team of Oscar and Emmy-winning virtual effects artists whose credits include “Star Wars”, “X-Men”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Batman”, Quantum of Solace”, “The Dark Crystal” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

    Hyoguchi wrote and directed the dramatic feature “First, Last and Deposit” which won Best Drama at the New York Independent Festival and Best Feature at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. It went on to air on IFC and Netflix.

    At fifteen years-old, Peter won George Lucas’s youth film festival for his short sci-fi film “The Future’s Future”. Two years later Hyoguchi received an art grant to direct his first feature film, “No Exit” by Jean Paul Sartre.

  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones
    Lead Unreal Tech, Game Designer, VFX Artist and CG Supervisor

    Lead Unreal Tech at Roninfilm Virtual Production/”Gods of Mars”
    Charles Jones is a game designer, VFX artist and CG Supervisor and has been working with the
    Unreal Engine since 1998.
    Jones led the team that created VFX and animation for Roninfilm’s Gods of Mars, which has
    been the recipient of two Epic Games/Unreal Engine MegaGrants.
    Charles created key shots in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial.

  • Mike Grieve
    Mike Grieve
    Commercial Director, Mo-Sys Engineering

    With over 30 years of experience in broadcast, film, visual effects, systems integration, and virtual technologies, Mike has extensive industry experience across production and post-production. He has been involved in virtual production from its inception in the
    mid-1990s, through the adoption of games engines, 3D tracking, and real-time compositing, to the current incarnation offering real-time VFX.
    In 2010, whilst a Director of FilmLight, the company won 4 AMPAS SciTech awards in the same year for film scanning, colour grading, and colour management. More recently, as Commercial Director of Mo-Sys, Mike has helped drive two consecutive years of near 100 % growth, with the company winning numerous awards for pioneering virtual production technology, including 2 HPA Engineering Awards in consecutive years – an industry first.

  • John Canning
    John Canning
    Director, Developer Relations - Creators AMD

    Canning is currently serving as the Director of Developer
    Relations for AMD. Helping AMD understand and deliver the
    best products to support the Creator space.
    John brings a career that has spanned the technology and
    methodology for creating and delivering XR, games, virtual
    production and digital humans, from concept to client in his
    former role as Executive Producer for New Media &
    Experiential for Digital Domain.
    John has endeavored to help companies and causes not
    only tell their stories through dynamic media but also
    leverage disruptive and transformative technology to
    maximize the creative impact.
    John has also served as the Chairman of the board for the
    New Media Council for the Producers Guild of America
    representing the interests of producers of broadband video,
    games, transmedia, iTV and XR content in the entertainment
    Previously, John was the VP of Interactive Experiences for
    NBC Entertainment Digital, where he developed native
    interactive experiences, be they 2nd screen, social media, or
    virtual reality for some of the largest shows on TV, such as
    The Voice, World of Dance, America’s Got Talent, Blindspot,
    Blacklist, and more.

  • Joan Webb
    Joan Webb
    President & Virtual Production Producer, Roninfilm Virtual Production

    Webb brings extensive experience in business development, VC backing, representation and
    marketing. Her former clients include such notable figures as James Cameron, Oliver Stone, Doug Trumbull, Tim Burton, Coen Brothers, companies such as: IMAX, Pixar, Sony, DreamWorks, MGM, Disney and feature films: Shrek I, II & III; Toy Story; Lion King; and The Amazing Spider-Man.

  • James Blevins
    James Blevins
    Virtual Production Line Producer and Post Supervisor

    James Blevins is virtual production line producer and post supervisor. Most of his clients are in pursuit of efficient bidding, scheduling, crewing and bidding. A few are also beginning to explore the
    new web3 platforms. All of this work is handled through his production company, MESH. The MESH team most recently built the virtual art department for Megalopolis. His previous work as Post-Production Supervisor for Lucasfilm Productions has given him world class experience in ground breaking shows using virtual production elements. He also spent four and half years at Netflix where the job of post production and distribution intertwined in a unique way. There he
    developed skills as an early employee of the world’s fastest growing studio. His time with Walt Disney Studios and fifteen years in the VFX industry had properly prepared him to take advantage of Netflix’s innovative approach to production technology. His passion to enable all the disciplines of storytelling keeps him young and vivacious. He is a proud member of some of the finest institutions in film and television production and distribution including:

    The Television Academy
    Motion Picture Editors Guild
    Hollywood professional Association, Board Member

    Additional Press
    ● https://www.becomecgpro.com/podcasts/cg-pro-podcast/episodes/2147758997